Wildland Fire On-the-Job Training


This Information Bulletin provides Bureau of Land Management (BLM) employees an opportunity to gain operational experience and to complete position task books (PTBs). Trainees must meet the training and qualifications requirements for the position and have a PTB initiated. The operations assignments will target each individual’s PTB completion needs.

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Application Process

The application process is accomplished by completing the "Request for BLM Wildland Fire OJT Program" nomination form.

  • Each BLM applicant must complete an application to be considered for the program.
  • All blocks must be completed.
  • Availability dates must be realistic and for the current fiscal year.
  • Once the request is completed, click the Submit by Email button. Your email system will open with the request automatically attached and addressed to mellsworth@blm.gov and pdonal@blm.gov.
  • Include your supervisor or unit FMO in the email address.
  • The BLM Fire Training Unit will contact The BLM Fire Training Unit will contact BLM Fire Operations Group (FOG) representatives and BLM Fire Training Committee (BFTC) representatives to establish state priority lists when more than one nomination is submitted per state. Nominations received after the due date will be considered for assignment on a case-by-case basis.
  • Due date for nominations is June 15. Nominations will be accepted after the due date but will receive lower prioritization.

Selection Process

Trainees will be selected bases on state priorities, availability, career development needs, and percentage of PTB completed. 


All base labor cost will be the responsibility of the home unit. Other cost (travel, per diem, and overtime) will be covered by the requesting unit through national severity funding, national preposition funding, or incident codes. In rare cases, funding for travel costs and per diem may be available from the BLM Fire Training Unit.

For more information about the Wildland Fire OJT Program, e-mail: mellsworth@blm.gov or call (208) 387-5985.