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Viewing Tips

This Web site is best viewed using Microsoft® Internet Explorer.

Many of the linked files on this Web site are Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Therefore, you must have the Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer.

Click here to download a free copy of the Adobe® Reader®.


Adobe® Reader® Viewing

PDF files provide users with the ability to move throughout a publication, to other PDF files and to other Web pages via links and hyperlinks. Bookmarks within the PDF files aid the user with page navigation.


Bookmarks have been set to remain open when you are viewing all pages within the PDFs. If the bookmarks disappear after the first use, users must deselect the "Hide after Use" bookmark option. To do this, select the "Bookmark" tab at the left of the document; this opens the "Bookmark" tab in the navigation pane. At the top of the bookmark navigation pane, the word "Bookmark" is displayed with a down arrow. Select the down arrow and deselect the "Hide after Use" option.


When navigating in the PDF, be sure to use the Reader® navigation tools (placement varies depending on version) and not the Internet browser navigation buttons to stay within the publication you are browsing. Selecting the Internet browser back button from within a chapter of the Job Aid, will return you to the Job Aid Table of Contents Web page. Using the Internet back button after a hyperlink has been taken to another Web site will return the user to the previous Web page viewed - another Web page or PDF.


Under most cases, PDFs for the Job Aid have been created to inherit the zoom preference of the user. The Reader® default page magnification option can be changed by selecting <Preferences> under the <Edit> menu. Within the <Preferences> menu, select <General> and <Display> to select the default magnification. Users may have to complete this task by opening the Reader® program outside the Job Aid environment. (The Fit Width mode tends to work the best for the Job Aid.)


Users unfamiliar with Reader® should review the specific Reader® help function regarding navigation. The navigation instructions are thorough and very helpful to inexperienced users. The manual can be found by selecting Help on the Menu bar.


Internet Explorer Browser Tips

Should you navigate outside the Job Aid environment via hyperlinks, or when a Web page "locks" you to its page, an easy way to return to the Job Aid is to click the small down arrow to the right of the Back button. A brief list of visited Web pages will be displayed in a drop-down list.