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Frequently Asked Questions

I believe there is something missing from the Job Aid. How do I submit information to be included in the Job Aid?

The Job Aid is a work-in-progress resource. Feel free to submit items for consideration using the Contacts page. You can refer information through your National BLM Wildland Fire Training Committee Representative or directly to the Job Aid Project Leader.


Is the Job Aid available in hard copy format?

The Job Aid cannot be ordered through the NWCG Publication Management System. Click here for printing instructions.


If you encounter problems printing the PDF files, contact the BLM Training Unit for assistance. Contact information can be found on the Contacts page of this Web site.


I am having problems navigating through the different PDFs (e.g., the Bookmark navigation pane disappears). Can you give me some navigation tips?


Viewing tips have been provided for users who experience difficulties. Select the Viewing Tips button at the top of each page or click here.


Can I run the Job Aid from my hard drive instead of online?

Yes. However, navigation will vary from that of the online version and hyperlinks to Web sites will be unavailable. Click here for offline instructions.


If this option is taken, users must ensure that the most current version of each chapter is being used. The Handbook will be updated as changes are needed. Revision dates can be found on the Table of Contents page as well as in the page footers within the manual.