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BLM Fire Engine Driver Refresher Training, RT-301

Engine Driver Refresher - Policy 2008

BLM Engine Driver Refresher Training is an objectives based training requirement. Refresher training must be done annually for all engine drivers. The training may be provided in any way the local Fire Management Officer chooses as long as all the objectives are met and documented. For convenience, a course titled “Nevada BLM Fire and Aviation Driver Training” was developed and may be used to satisfy the refresher requirement. Supplemental training aides are also available to support the refresher training requirement. Other supplemental aides are always welcomed and can be easily added to the website. 

BLM Engine Driver Refresher Training

Objectives and Documentation 

 Other Training that Meets BLM Engine Driver Training Refresher Requirements 

Nevada BLM Fire and Aviation Driver Training - Instructor Guide (April 2007) 

Nevada BLM Fire and Aviation Driver Training - PPT (April 2007, 2.5 MB)

Reference Materials for Engine Driver Refresher Training  

Forest Service Seat Belt Video

Modoc Engine PowerPoint

American Flat Report
American Flat PowerPoint
American Flat Video (120 MB)

Safety Advisory: Seat Belt Use Saves Lives!

Helicopter Near-Miss Video

 Note: The above files are large and may take a while to load.  

If you have reference materials that may be beneficial to others, submit to: Tommy Hayes, 208-387-5423