DOI Learn

Upcoming Training


All Employees

  • Discrimination and Whistle Blowing in the Workplace
  • 1 hr Biannually by fiscal year

Equal Employment Opportunity and Workforce Diversity 

  • 4 hours annually by fiscal year

Records Management Awareness

  • ½ hr Annually

Orientation to the Privacy Act

  • ½ hr Annually

IT Security Awareness

  • 1 hr Annual by June of each year


  • Intro to Supervision
  • 40 hrs During first year

Supervisory Leadership Skills

  • During second year

Refresher Supervisory Training

  • Annually

Safety Training for Managers

  • Once

Safety Training for Supervisors

  • Once

Equal Employment Opportunity and Workforce Diversity 

  • 8 hours annually by fiscal year
Financial filers (employees required to file financial disclosure statements)

Ethics, Statutes, Regulations and Policies

  • 1 hr Annually by calendar date


Mandatory Training

Training Manual