Contact Number(s)
Program Areas
Tamara Neukam
Human Resource Officer
208-387-5514 (w)
208-340-0062 (c)
Program Direction/Human Resources Policy/Workforce Planning/PMC Member
Kip Stover
Human Resource Specialist
208-387-5527 (w)
208-901-5998 (c)
Employee Relations/Ethics/ Personnel Security & HSPD-12/ Performance Management/ Telework/Awards//Financial Filers
Stefanie Kreger (Detail)
Human Resource Specialist
208-387-5951 (w)
DOI FIRES Program/ Staffing
Human Resource Specialist DOI FIRES/Classification
DOI FIRES Program/ Classification
Ashanti Sloan
Supervisory Human Resources Specialist
208-387-5320 (w)
Staffing Supervisor/Pay Policy & Administration /Reemployed Annuitants/ PMC/Random Drug Testing/ Bureau-wide FPPS Reports
Human Resources Specialist
Staffing/DEU Program Lead
3 R’s Program/FPPS SPOC/Training Coordinator/Restored Annual Leave/ SOAR Liaison/Organizational Charts /back up Bureau-wide FPPS Reports and Classification
Heather Sanders
 Team 1
Human Resource Specialist
208-387-5518 (w)
Staffing  (All of FA100, FA200, FA400, FA500, FA600 & FA700, NPS, FWS)/Retirement-NPS & FWS/Work Histories for assigned orgs/Lead eOPF Administrator/FPPS SPOC/Pathways Coordinator
Monica Belmont
 Team 2
Human Resources Specialist
208-387-5522 (w)
Staffing ( All of FA300, BIA)/Retirement-BIA/ Work Histories for assigned orgs/OWCP Program Coordinator /back-up eOPF Administrator
 Team 1
Human Resources Assistant
Staffing & Processing(All of FA100, FA200, FA400, FA500, FA600 & FA700, NPS, FWS)/ Benefits-NPS & FWS
Gwen Boyle
 Team 2
Human Resources Assistant
208-387-5743 (w)
Staffing & Processing (FA300, FA320, FA321, FA322, FA324, FA340, FA350, BIA)/Benefits-BIA/ OWCP
Brett Thomas
Human Resources Assistant
208-387-5952 (w)
DOI FIRES Support, Staffing, DOI FIRES Website
Shaun Jensen
Human Resources Assistant
208-387-5956 (w)
Rick Moore
Human Resources Assistant
208-387-5523 (w)
Office Support/Correspondence/ BLM Quicktime Administrator/Leave Share/ Office Purchasing Agent—Budget Support/ BLM Fitness Reimbursement/FATE Team Member/eOPF Scanning/DOI Access Card Fingerprint Scanning