2014 BLM Preparedness Review Checklists

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The standards reflected in the checklists are established national policy requirements.  The checklists reflect the agency standard for operations and performance in each area of review and are not arbitrary standards set by the review team.  These checklists are used on all of the Fire and Aviation Directorate (FAD) National Preparedness Reviews to maintain a consistent level of review nationwide.  The individual states can request individual items of interest be added to the checklists used in their state review, but these additions must not contradict any established national policy requirements outlined in the standard checklist.

Checklist 1Unit Agency Administrator - PDF  Word
Checklist 2Fire Management Administrator - PDF  Word
Checklist 3Fire Operations Supervisor - PDF Word
Checklist 4Incident Business - PDF Word
Checklist 5Safety Officer - PDF Word
Checklist 6Fire Training and Qualifications - PDF Word
Checklist 7Facilities and Cache - PDF Word
Checklist 8Geographic Area Coordination Center - PDF Word
Checklist 9Dispatch - PDF Word
Checklist 10Radio Program - PDF Word
Checklist 11Aviation Management - PDF Word
Checklist 12Aviation Base Review - PDF Word
Checklist 13SEAT Base Review - PDF Word
Checklist 14Helicopter Module - PDF Word
Checklist 15Smokejumper Unit - PDF Word
Checklist 16Individual Firefighter - PDF Word
Checklist 17Engine - PDF Word
Checklist 18Interagency Hotshot Crew - PDF Word
Checklist 19Handcrew Non-IHC - PDF Word
Checklist 20Dozer - PDF Word
 New Employee Orientation - PDF - Word


Proposed revisions to the checklists can be sent to Jeff Arnberger, FAD, BLM Fire Operations ( Comments should be typed into the “remarks” section of the checklist proposed for change. These checklists can be sent electronically to the above address for consideration. Proposed changes need to reflect current national policy and be a quantifiable item that directly applies to fire preparedness. The proposed revisions should include the exact verbiage that is being proposed. Checklists are reviewed for compliance with agency policy and standards each January. Proposed changes will need to be submitted by the end of January for consideration that year.