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Flight Planning, NOTAM and TFR Information

Interagency Airspace Steering Committee (IASC)

  • IASC Charter
  • December 2006 Meeting Notes
  • May 2007 IAMS Discontinued Memo
  • January 2008 Meeting Notes

 Airspace Management 

Airspace Planning 

  • Flight Planning / Aeroplanner Logins and Passwords
  • AFSS Telephone Briefing Flight Planning Tips Card
  • AP1B/DAFIF Fire Systems Portal  - Click here to create an account to access the portal.
    FAQ about accessing the Fire Systems Portal
  • Aircraft Intercept Procedures Card
    • Computer Program Configuration Item Request
    • Department of Defense Useage of Falcon View
    • Instructions for Filling Out an AFTO Form 157
    • NIMA Product and Ordering Help
    • Request of USAF Technical Order Distribution Office Code Assignment or Change and Instructions for this Form
    • Software Ordering and Distribution
    • Go to Tools and then select; Sunrise – Sunset/Forward/ Distance/ Course-Heading – Wind/ Intersections / Wind Drift/ Rhumb Line or Fuel calculators. 
  • VFR Aeronautical Chart Users Guide Introduction and Symbols
Airspace Agreements
Airspace Education
  • Basic Airspace Tutorial (executable file created by the U.S. military)
  • FTA Card - February 2010 
    FTA Card - Changes since 2009 
    FTA Card (11x17 inches)
  • Fire Traffic Area Power Point presentation
  • UASF Military Airspace Management Course Information
  • Military Airspace Management Course Location Map

Airspace Posters

  • Fly Clear of Wildfire Poster 1
  • Fly Clear of Wildfire Poster 2
  • Fly Clear of Wildfire Poster 3
  • Fly Clear of Wildfire Poster 4
  • Fly Clear of Wildfire Poster 5
  • Fly Clear of Wildfire Postcards
    • Helicopter 1
    • Helicopter 2
    • Helicopter 3
    • SEAT 1
    • SEAT 2