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Single Engine Airtankers

Seat Program Manager Updates

  • 2014 SEATs Flight Time FAQ (applies to both Exclusive Use and On-Call)
  • DOI National Exclusive Use SEATs - Standard Operating
  • Mission Currency vs Pilot Proficiency
  • SEAT Cost Coding Formats (3-7-13)

2014 DOI Exclusive Use SEAT Information

2014 On-Call SEAT Information

AMS - Aviation Management System (AMD-23E)

  • AMD-23E Instructions
  • AMD-23E v2.0 (.xls)
  • AMS Mission Codes
  • Hard Copy AMD-23E
  • Electronic Filing of Aircraft Use Reports (IB 11-03)
  • Pay Item Codes

Interagency SEAT Operations Guide (ISOG)

  • 2014 ISOG
  • 2014 ISOG Summary of Changes
  • 2014 ISOG Revision Suggestion
  • 2014 ISOG Appendices
    • Appendix A
      • ISOG Appendix A part 1 SEAT Base Staffing Best Practices
      • ISOG Appendix A part 2 SEAT Base Training Elements
    • Appendix B
      • SEAT Base Operating Plan Form 006-2014
    • Appendix C
      • SEAT Base Checklist

SEAT SMS Risk Assessment Forms

  • SEAT Assessment - PDF or Word

Reference Material

  • Interagency SEAT Operations Procedures Handbook 2009 
  • 2011 SEAT Handbook Summary of Changes
  • SEAT Coordinator (SECO) Delegation of Authority

Information Updates

  • SEAT Reference Material Index 2015
  • 2014 READ Files

Briefing Information

  • Initial Pilot/Manager Briefing (ISOG Requirement)
  • SEAT Manager's Briefing Checklist (Job Aid)
  • SEAT Managers Daily Briefing Worksheet (Job Aid)
  • Daily Intelligence Reference Products
  • Fire and Aviation Intelligence Briefing Terminology

Training Information

  • SEAT Aviation Safety Calendar
  • Triennial SEAT Refresher (RT-273) Requirements  
  • RT-273 Wildland Fire Chemical Review 2015
  • RT-273 Safety Review/Outlook 2015 (Powerpoint)
  • RT-273 Review 2015 (Powerpoint)
  • RT-273 Lesson Plan
  • Training PP: SEAT Retardant Effectiveness and Appropriate Drop Heights
  • Training PP: SEAT Drop Evaluation and Feedback (Ground)

Seat Operations 

  • SEAT Pilot Evaluation
  • Retardant Mixing Plant Diagram 
  • Procedural Briefing for Responding to a Downed SEAT Aircraft
  • Airtanker Drop Evaluation
  • Required Documentation for SEAT Pilots

Risk Management Worksheets

  • SEAT Manager Position - PDF
  • RAMP and SEAT Base Operations - PDF

SEAT Checklists and Inspection Forms 

SEAT Base "Quick Check" Evaluation Form
SEAT Base Inspection and Evaluation Form      

Mandatory SEAT Forms

Agency Forms

  • SEAT-001 Pre-Use Information and Inspection Sheet
  • SEAT-002 SEAT Daily Operations Worksheet  
  • SEAT-003 Cost Summary Sheet  
  • SEAT-004 SEAT Pilot Flight Time/Duty Day Cumulative Log  
  • SEAT-005 SEAT Support/Service Vehicle Driver Duty Day Cumulative Log
  • SEAT Base Operating Plan Form 006-2014  
  • SEAT Plan-001 SEAT Base Operating Plan and 
    SEAT Plan-001 SEAT Base Operating Plan Example   

AMD Forms

  • Evaluation on Contractor Performance NEW (8/20/11)
  • SEAT Evaluation Reports (AMD-136A) Evaluation Criteria

Wildland Fire Chemical Information

  • Effective Use of SEATs
  • Principles of Retardant and Coverage Levels  
  • Wildland Fire Chemicals: Qualified Product Information
  • Wildland Fire Chemicals: Reporting Information
  • Wildland Fire Chemicals: Lot Acceptance and Quality Assurance Testing