Montana Dakotas Resource Advisory Councils




Now taking nominations for the Western Montana RAC.

Contact David Abrams at 406-533-7617 for more information.

History & Purpose

Resource advisory councils (RACs) were created in 1995 to advise the BLM on land management programs and issues. Each RAC consists of local residents who represent three broad interest categories: commodity interests, non-commodity interests, and government/academic interests. RAC members are chosen by the Secretary of the Interior in consultation with the governor of the state in which they serve.

The Western, Central and Eastern Montana RACs consider issues that affect BLM lands in Montana. The Dakotas RAC covers public lands in both North and South Dakota.

Helpful Links

All RAC meetings are open to the public.

Please contact the appropriate Montana/Dakotas RAC Coordinator for further information.

Upcoming Meetings

Western Montana RAC
 - TBD

Eastern Montana RAC
 - July 29-30, 2015, in Miles City.

Central Montana RAC 
 - July 15-16, 2015, in Lewistown.

Dakotas RAC 
 - June 9, 2015, in Deadwood, S.D.