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Appendices and Maps

  • Map 1--General Location Map
  • Map 2--Cultural ACECs
  • Map 3--Fire Management
  • Map 4--Forestlands
  • Map 5--Fallon County Landfill
  • Map 6--Coal Areas Available for Further Consideration For Leasing (Alternative A)
  • Map 7--Coal Areas Available for Further Consideration For Leasing (Alternative D)
  • Map 8--Geologic Features of the Big Dry Resource Area
  • Map 9--Locatable Mineral Claims and Occurrences
  • Map 10--Mineral Material Occurence
  • Map 11--Paleontology
  • Map 12--Significant Paleontological Formations
  • Map 13--Open to Off-Road Vehicle Use
  • Map 14--Smoky Butte ACEC
  • Map 15--Calypso Special Recreation Management Area
  • Map 16--Cherry Creek
  • Map 17--Makoshika State Park Recreation Area
  • Map 18--Powder River Depot
  • Map 19--Visual Resource Management
  • Map 20--South Pine Creek
  • Map 21--Noxious Weeds
  • Map 22--Ten Mile Creek
  • Map 23--Black-footed Ferret Reintroduction Area
  • Map 24--Crucial Winter Range
  • Map 25--Fishing Reservoirs
  • Map 26--Fox Creek
  • Map 27--Piping Plover
  • Map 28--Sage Grouse
  • Map 29--Sharp-tailed Grouse
  • Map 30--Retention and Disposal Areas
  • Map 31A--Big Dry Resource Area (Coal Creek Area, Calypso Trail, Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, Surface Ownership, Transportation, Wild and Scenic Rivers, Wilderness Study Areas)
  • Map 31B--Big Dry Resource Area
  • Map 31C--Big Dry Resource Area
  • Map 31D--Big Dry Resource Area
  • Map 32A--Stipulated Areas for Oil and Gas
  • Map 32B--Stipulated Areas for Oil and Gas
  • Map 32C--Stipulated Areas for Oil and Gas
  • Map 32D--Stipulated Areas for Oil and Gas
  • Overlay A--Federal Mineral Ownership
  • Overlay B--Federal Mineral Ownership
  • Overlay C--Federal Mineral Ownership
  • Overlay D--Federal Mineral Ownership

    Last updated: 12-03-2013