Communitization (Pooling)

Provides for the pooling of federal and/or Indian lands, with other lands, when separate tracts under such federal and Indian lands cannot be independently developed and operated in conformity with an established well-spacing program.



  • For Federal CAs you do not have to include the Pooling Clause in Exhibit B if you have a State forced pooling order. If you do not have a State forced pooling order in place, then you must include the Pooling Clause for each lease in Exhibit B with the exact wording of the independent pooling agreement.

  • It is no longer required to provide the ORIGINAL LESSEE or the ORRI NAME AND PERCENT OF INTEREST in the Exhibit B for either Federal CAs or Indian CAs. 

 Point of Contact Information

All Montana Federal and Indian CAs are processed by:

Jackie Anderson with the Miles City Field Office (MCFO): (406) 233-3641

Great Falls Oil & Gas Field Office (GFFS): 
Dale Manchester: (406) 791-7789 
Don Judice: (406) 791-7767

Normally, you would submit all North Dakota and South Dakota Federal and Indian CAs to the North Dakota Field Office (NDFO) but since the NDFO is overburden with the a heavy workload created by the Bakken boom, all North Dakota and South Dakota Federal and Indian CAs are being processed by the Montana State Office (MTSO) in Billings, Montana.

The address and the BLM representatives that are currently processing the North Dakota and South Dakota CAs are:

Federal CAs:
Terra Gusler:             (406) 896-5062
Merry Prestridge:      (406) 896-5026

Indian CAs:
Jane Buechler:           (406) 896-5058
Samantha Iron Shirt  (406) 896-5110

Montana State Office
5001 Southgate Drive
Billings, Montana 59101

Please mail all completed North Dakota and South Dakota Federal and Indian CAs and any addtional information pertaining to CAs to the personnel and address above. We can accept corrections or addtional information via email but all the original, notarized signed documents must be received by mail.


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