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The Billings Curation Center is the main repository for archeological and ethnographic collections recovered from the BLM-administered public lands in Montana and the Dakotas.

Montana archaeology spans more than 11,000 years and is represented by numerous bison kills, tipi rings, rock art, cairn monuments, and battle sites.  Each yields a variety of cultural materials and information about the past.

Items in the collections represent a variety of artifacts and time periods:

  • Early Paleo-Indian Goshen
  • Late Prehistoric side-notched points
  • Bison bones
  • Complete bone tools
  • Early pottery
  • Rock art
  • European trade beads
  • Homesteaders' material

The Billings Curation Center invites professional researchers, archaeologists, and university students to utilize the available resources.

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Goshen Point
Our logo is fashioned after this  Goshen Point from the Mill Iron Site in Carter County, Montana.