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Cooperative Effort Provides Sign for Sage Grouse Viewing

by Marilyn Krause, Western Montana Zone, and Kelly Bockting, Dillon Field Office

sage grouse viewing area sign 

Craig Fager of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and Kelly Bockting, BLM biologist, helped install the sign near the lek.
Photo by Jim Karamanos

sage grouse

The male sage grouse and hen on the Reservoir Creek Lek attract bird watchers and other wildlife viewers to the area.
Photo by Kelly Bockting


Lucky are the people who have the opportunity to view a sage grouse lek in the spring and watch the intricate mating dance. The Reservoir Creek Lek south of Dillon has become a popular spot for public viewing over the years because of its accessibility.

The Sage Grouse Working Group in Dillon funded an interpretive sign that will be installed near the lek each April and removed in May to keep vandalism to minimum. The goal is to manage public viewing and minimize disturbance here and at other leks.

The sign provides a description of the sage grouse and gives a brief overview of its breeding biology. It tells visitors where to park and how to act in order to minimize disturbance near the lek.  Local sage grouse working group members installed the sign with assistance from Jim Karamanos of the Dillon Field Office.



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