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New Facilities Enhance Capabilities

story by Greg Bergum, Montana State Office

new Havre Field Station
The Havre Field Station is among Montana/Dakotas BLM’s newest facilities. The staff moved into this recently remodeled building this spring when the lease at their previous location expired. 
BLM photo


Several Montana/Dakotas BLM offices have moved to new locations in the last few years, allowing for greater energy efficiencies and a better ability to serve the public.

In 1999 when their previous leases expired, the Billings Field Office and Montana State Office moved to the same building on Southgate Drive in Billings. Among other benefits, being at the same location allows the two offices to share vehicles and warehouse space.

Since then, additional new buildings have been constructed or existing buildings remodeled to accommodate changing needs across the three states.

In Dickinson, the BLM North Dakota Field Office now shares an office with the Forest Service as part of the Service First initiative. In Miles City, a new facility better accommodates the increased staffing and responsibilities associated with the expanding oil and gas industry of eastern Montana. 

When leases expired in Havre, Lewistown and Glasgow, those offices moved to new or remodeled facilities better suited to their needs. The new Jordan Fire Station replaces several old mobile homes that had been used for years as the office and quarters for the fire staff. The new facilities are much better suited to accommodate wildland firefighting responsibilities in eastern Montana.
With the exception of Miles City and Jordan, these new facilities are all leased. 

Employees are excited. Laura Federspiel of the Havre Field Station says their new office allows them to hold evening meetings while keeping the rest of the office secure. They also enjoy having an extra project space and a special area designated for seasonal employees.

Glasgow Field Station Manager Casey Buechler is also very pleased with Glasgow’s new space.  “WOW! This facility is state-of-the-art, and we are truly fortunate to have such an outstanding workplace,” he said. “We have materials stored in several locations and field offices, and it will be great to have everything in one spot.”

The offices in Glasgow and Havre were constructed by private entities. Central Zone Civil Engineer Mike Montgomery handled the day-to-day construction inspection and coordinated the design layout with the leasing staff in the National Operations Center. Laura Federspiel and Jody Miller were the local contacts for the leases and acted as the construction liaisons for the Havre and Glasgow facilities respectively. Supervisory Property Management Specialist Jack Conner of the MSO coordinated the leases with the National Operations Center. 

The Miles City Field Office and Jordan Fire Station were constructed under a BLM contract. MSO Engineer Lance Brady and Central Zone Engineer Carl Patten provided the construction oversight for the Jordan facility. Rollie Welty and Wendy Warren, Eastern Zone engineers, provided the construction oversight for the Miles City project.

The next locations targeted for new offices are the South Dakota Field Office in Belle Fourche, and the Billings Fire Station, which will be just east of the existing tanker base and dispatch center at Logan Airport in Billings. 



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