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Quarterly Steward

Fall 2008

trail through blow down 

Limekiln Blowdown
by Craig Flentie, Lewistown Field Office

The “wind event” this past June at the head of Limekiln Canyon in the Judith Mountains probably lasted less than a minute, but it left behind about 200 acres of downed timber on public land managed by the BLM and made a portion of the Limekiln Loop Trail absolutely impassable.        [Read full story

Presently Preserving the Past
by Ann Boucher, Montana State Office

There are treasures in the Billings Curation Center, clues to our collective past. By themselves, they’re just pieces, but together, they tell a story – a story that must be pieced together through painstaking study and research.   [Read full story]   

rafter on Madison River 

Still Wet and Wild on the Madison
by Susan James, Dillon Field Office
Established in October 1983 as part of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, the Bear Trap Canyon Unit became the BLM’s first entry into the National Wilderness Preservation System. It remains the only BLM-administered wilderness in the state of Montana. The 6,347-acre wilderness is renowned for its outstanding natural and scenic values. Towering 1,500-foot cliff walls, formed by the abrading action of the Madison River, offer a spectacular backdrop. Holding untold stories of the past, the area shows evidence of use as far back as 11,000 years by the Folsom Culture and other early peoples.  [Read full story]  

Benes Installed as Lewistown Field Manager
by Craig Flentie, Lewistown Field Office  

Montana State Director Gene Terland installed Stan Benes as the BLM's Lewistown Field Manager. Stan's wife, Pat, assisted with the ceremony.   [Read full story]

crew prepares planting site 

Bringing Back the Buffaloberries
by Craig Flentie, Lewistown Field Office 

The BLM Lewistown Field Office (LFO) has undertaken a unique field project designed to reverse a long-term decline in the number of silver buffaloberry shrubs gracing the rangelands of north central Montana.  They’ve not disappeared, but over the past 30 years buffaloberry have become considerably more difficult to find across our upland ecosystems and in the Missouri River Breaks.  Although they can still be found in the riparian habitats associated with many of the perennial streams in the central Montana prairie, the shrubs are not doing well in the upland habitats.  [Read full story]    

remains of wall at stamp mill 

Collar Gulch Creek – Just Below the Surface
Craig Flentie, Lewistown FO

Collar Gulch Creek is a short, clear, cold mountain stream that flows between steep mountain slopes and wind-swept grassy ridges in the Judith Mountains, about a dozen  miles north east of Lewistown, Mont.  It ripples its way through about two miles of public land managed by the BLM before it goes subsurface in the course-rock valley bottom. [Read full story]   

Havre Field Station
New Facilities Enhance Capabilities
by Greg Bergum, Montana State Office

Several Montana/Dakotas BLM offices have moved to new locations in the last few years, allowing for greater energy efficiencies and a better ability to serve the public.  [Read full story

past adopter with horse
Challenging, Rewarding and…Fun!
by Christine Tincher, Montana State Office

A few more families are discovering the joys of wild horses and burros this summer.  In Kalispell in late June, 16 wild horses and 10 burros found good homes, and in early August, 14 more horses and six burros were placed during an adoption held in Billings. [Read full story]