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Dillon FO Transfers Land to Beaverhead County

story and photo by Marilyn Krause, Western Montana Zone

Beaverhead County recently received nearly 170 acres of BLM land near Dillon under the Recreation and Public Purposes Act. 

For more than 40 years, the Dillon Rifle and Pistol Club had a permit to use the area but didn’t qualify for grants because it didn’t own the land.

The BLM was able to convey the land to Beaverhead County as another public agency; the county will then lease it to the Dillon Rifle and Pistol Club to develop as a shooting range. In the long term, the club would like to add enough improvements so the area could be used for competitive events.

Dillon Realty Specialist Angela Brown spearheaded the paperwork effort assisted by Debby Sorg in the Montana State Office. Field Manager Tim Bozorth recognized both employees in a brief ceremony on September 10 when the land was officially transferred to Beaverhead County. 

Beaverhead County commissioners

Garth Haugland, chairperson for the Beaverhead County commissioners (in cowboy hat) accepts the land patent from Dillon Field Manager Tim Bozorth (left).  Also pictured are commissioners Mike McGinley and Tom Rice.