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ATF Commends BLM Rangers

by Bart Fitzgerald, Montana State Office

Jason Caffey and Chuck Ward were recently recognized by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for their law enforcement work at 17-Mile Shooting Area north of Billings. 
ATF Resident Agent in Charge Ken Brey presented plaques to Rangers Ward and Caffey on July 12 at the MSO, expressing appreciation for their efforts in our nation’s fight against violent crimes. 
During routine patrols, both Chuck and Jason talked with many people about litter and other resource problems at the shooting area. As part of their investigative duties, Chuck and Jason observed suspicious activities and heard comments that helped them identify some target shooters as criminals prohibited from carrying or shooting firearms -- on public lands or anywhere.  In the last year, Chuck and Jason’s efforts have lead to “felon in possession” federal indictments and convictions on several individuals.
Jason is a state staff ranger who works out of the MSO, and Chuck is a field staff ranger for the Billings FO.  
rangers shown with their awards

Bart Fitzgerald, special agent in charge; Chuck Ward; Ken Brey, ATF resident agent in charge; Jason Caffey; and Howard Lemm, associate state director, at a July 12 ceremony recognizing Ward and Caffey for their law enforcement work at the 17-Mile Shooting Range north of Billings. Photo by Chris Tincher