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Wild Horses Worth the Time

by Ann Boucher, Montana State Office
photos by Ted Bailey, Montana State Office

Wild horses make intelligent, capable, devoted mounts, but it takes time and patience. That was the message potential adopters heard from trainer Lesley Neuman at the wild horse and burro adoption held September 7-8 in Livingston.
Neuman travels throughout North America and Australia, teaching the public how to safely and humanely work with horses. She conducted three clinics in Livingston, working with horses randomly chosen by the BLM staff. By the end of the two-hour sessions, the horses had calmed enough to let Neuman touch their faces.  All three animals were later adopted.
“Lesley helps people gain the confidence to adopt a wild horse,” said Nancy Bjelland, wild horse and burro specialist in the Billings Field Office. “But she also tells them it takes a lot of time and patience.”
A total of 41 horses and 10 burros gathered from BLM wild horse ranges in Nevada were offered for adoption; of these, 12 horses and all 10 burros went to new homes. The average sale price was $160 per animal, with the high bids at $430 for a 2-year old gelding, and $200 for a jenny.
The Livingston adoption was the last in Montana for 2007, but more will be scheduled next year.

prominent burro ears

My! What big ears you have

people looking at horses in pens

The horses were from herd
areas in Nevada.

girl looking at burro

The wild burros always attract
a lot of interest.



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