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Date:  March 5, 2009
Contact:  Jim Sparks, 896-5013
              Greg Albright, 896-5260

Cottonwood Creek Road Closed to Traffic
Cottonwood Creek Road between Bridger and Warren has been closed to all traffic due to a dangerous accumulation of water that threatens to breach the roadbed about 5 miles west of Warren.

A culvert has become clogged or has otherwise failed causing water from Cottonwood Creek to be impounded by the roadbed. Bureau of Land Management engineers estimate that water up to 10 feet deep now covers about 30 acres and will likely break through the roadway. Water from the impoundment has already topped the road surface making it too dangerous for heavy equipment to attempt repairs. If conditions improve, repairs may be possible.

No structures appear to be in imminent danger should the roadbed give way, but no one should venture onto the road or into the Cottonwood Creek drainage until the danger subsides.