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Date:  March 18, 2008
Contact:  Craig Flentie (406) 538-1943

Public Invited to Travel Planning Open House 

The Bureau of Land Management’s Lewistown Field Office will host an open house from 5 to 8 p.m. on March 27 to discuss travel planning on public land in the Judith and Moccasin Mountains. 

The open house will be at the Bureau of Land Management’s Lewistown Field Office (920 NE Main St.), and all interested members of the public are encouraged to attend. 
The open house will conclude the public scoping aspect of the Judith-Moccasin travel planning process. The BLM will now move toward alternative formulation which will incorporate recommendations from the Central Mountain Resource Advisory Council’s (RAC) travel planning subgroup.
During the past year, the subgroup has used field trips and public meetings to evaluate roads and trails in the 32,000 acre planning area for motorized and non-motorized recreational uses (including ATV, motorcycle, and 4-wheel drive travel, equestrian, hiking, and mountain biking).
In January of this year the subgroup presented its recommendations to the RAC. After some discussion about how to address public comments offered after the subgroup had concluded its recommendation package, the RAC conveyed the subgroup’s recommendations to the BLM.
“We were very fortunate to have a subgroup that consisted of a number of area residents representing a broad cross section of interests who were willing to invest their time and effort toward a good, balanced recommendation package. The March 27 meeting will allow the public another opportunity to talk to us about travel planning in the Judith-Moccasin Mountains and we certainly encourage everyone to participate,” according to Willy Frank, the BLM’s chief of resources in Lewistown. 


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