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Date: January 25, 2008
Contact: Craig Flentie (406) 538-1943

Proposed Plan Available to the Public
Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument

The Bureau of Land Management announces the availability of the proposed planning document describing how the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument will be managed in the future.

To get a copy of the proposed Resource Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, contact the BLM-Lewistown Field Office at 920 NE Main Street, Lewistown or your nearest BLM office.

The document is available on a CD, and can also be downloaded from our web site at: www.blm.gov/mt/st/en/fo/lewistown_field_office/um_rmp_process.html

Efforts to complete this planning document began in April 2002. The Proposed Resource Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement provides direction and guidance for about 375,000 acres of public lands within the Monument, including 42,800 acres of public land leased for oil and gas. 

Declared a national monument by presidential proclamation in January 2001, this area offers scenic views of rugged landscapes along side a 149-mile segment of the Upper Missouri National Wild and Scenic River.
“The monument offers many outstanding opportunities for solitude and dispersed recreation, along with significant historic and cultural values. We want to make sure that we are making sound decisions to ensure continued protection of these values,” said Gary Slagel, manager of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. 

The document was developed with assistance from local counties, the state, other federal agencies, tribal governments, and a variety of other interest groups, including BLM’s Central Montana Resource Advisory Council.

Slagel added, “More than 67,000 comments were received on the draft.” These comments were considered and incorporated into the proposed final plan.

“We thank all of the people and organizations that have helped to produce this planning document,” said Gene Terland, State Director for the BLM-Montana State Office. “It’s been a collaborative process so far and we hope that spirit will continue as we move toward the Record of Decision and implementation of the plan.”  

Protests on the Proposed RMP and Final EIS can be sent to the Director of the BLM. Instructions for filing protests are described in the Dear Reader Letter for the Proposed RMP and Final EIS. After the 30-day protest period ends a Record of Decision can be issued pending the resolution of any protests. The protest period begins when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes a Notice of Availability of the Proposed RMP and Final EIS in the Federal Register. The expected date of this publication is February 1, 2008.

For more information, contact the BLM-Lewistown Field Office, at (406) 538-1900.



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