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Date: January 30, 2008                               
Contact: Craig Flentie, 406-538-1943                 

Upper Missouri RMP Comments Section Clarified

The Bureau of Land Management’s Lewistown Field Office (BLM) would like to clarify the information provided in the Commenter Index in Volume II of the recently released Proposed Resource Management Plan for the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument (RMP). 

The 62-page index lists the name of individual commenters and a numerical code for the comment(s) they offered. By using the numerical code, readers can then locate BLM’s response to their comment(s).
The BLM considered every comment offered during the public involvement process, and each comment was assigned a numerical code and is shown in the Commenter Index.
However, some comments were of a general nature and while they were assigned a numerical code, they did not require an individual response. Those general comments and opinions were used to help prepare the Summary of Public Comments section in Volume II.
“Some readers might question why there are more public comments indexed than BLM responses and we just wanted to assure each reader that his or her comments were considered. Many comments received an individual BLM response; and many others that may have been outside the scope of the planning project, or expressed an opinion only were used to prepare the comment summary section,” offered Gary Slagel, the monument manager.

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