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Date:       June 27, 2007
Contact:  Mary Apple (406) 896-5258
Fireworks Prohibited on Public Lands
If you plan to recreate on public land this Fourth of July, leave the fireworks at home. The discharge of fireworks is prohibited on all federal and state lands. For regulations on county lands, contact your local fire department, county fire warden or sheriff’s office.
The danger of wildland fire will increase as the summer heats up and the lush growth of this spring dries out. Take extra caution when working and playing outdoors to help prevent wildland fire starts. Anyone who causes a wildland fire intentionally or through negligence may be held accountable for damage and suppression costs.
General precautions include ensuring that your campfire is dead out before you leave it; smoking only in an enclosed vehicle or building and crushing it out completely; and driving and parking only in areas clear of vegetation. Always stay on roads and trails; cross-country driving is generally not allowed on state and federal lands. 
In general, burn permits are required for any open burning other than campfires, but there may be additional fire restrictions in your area. Before burning such things as slash piles, ditches, or fields, please contact your local fire department or sheriff’s office for more information and to obtain any necessary permits. 
For more information about preventing wildland fires, contact the Bureau of Land Management at 406-896-5013 or your local fire department. 

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