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Date: July 2, 2007
Contact: Mark Jacobsen (406) 233-2831 
BLM Permits Available for Local Scoria Pit
The BLM Miles City Field Office has permits available to persons interested in obtaining scoria from a community pit located southeast of Miles City.
Individuals can purchase a permit at the Miles City Field Office for $15.00. The permit entitles the bearer to 30 cubic yards of scoria, loaded and transported by the permit holder. Printed directions to the pit and relevant information are available with each permit. For more information contact Dan Benoit at 233-3646.
BLM community pits and common use areas are generally established to serve local needs and reduce surface disturbance where public demand for mineral materials is high.
Nearly 12 million acres of private land in Montana involve a split estate where the surface ownership is private but the mineral rights are retained by the federal government. This includes sand, gravel, scoria and stone.
Misunderstandings regarding this ownership have led to several trespass cases in which landowners were selling gravel or landscape rock without first purchasing the necessary permits from the BLM. Trespassers can be held liable for damages to the United States and subject to prosecution.
The BLM urges landowners planning to sell minerals to contact their local BLM office for assistance in determining mineral ownership.
For additional information visit: http://www.blm.gov/nhp/pubs/brochures/minerals/.

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