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Date: July 23, 2007                 
Contact: Carla Turbiville, 605-892-7000 
Stage I Fire Restrictions on BLM-Administered Lands in South Dakota
Conditions are right for wildland fires.
As a precaution, Stage I fire restrictions will go into effect at 1 a.m. on Friday, July 27, on Bureau of Land Management lands in South Dakota.
Under Stage I, fires are prohibited except within campfire rings in Alkali Creek Campground and Alkali Creek Horse Campground, and smoking is allowed only in areas cleared of flammable materials. Exemptions include fires fueled solely by liquid petroleum or LPG, or other activities for which there is a permit or written authorization.  An exemption does not absolve an individual or organization from liability or responsibility for any fire started by the exempted activity. 
“With the rain this spring, there is a lot of grass and it doesn’t take much to get a fire started,” said Terry Chaplin, BLM Fuels Management Specialist. “People need to be aware of how dry it is and do whatever they can to avoid starting a fire.”
Please take extra caution when working and recreating outdoors to prevent wildland fire starts.  Many of the primitive roads have tall vegetation that can easily ignite from vehicle exhaust or catalytic converters.  Anyone who causes a wildland fire intentionally or through negligence will be held accountable for damage and suppression costs.
Even in areas not under fire restrictions, a permit is required for any open burning other than campfires. Additional restrictions may also exist in certain areas. Before burning such things as slash piles, ditches, or fields, please contact your local fire department or sheriff’s office for more information and to obtain any necessary permits. 
The smallest spark has the potential to cause significant damage, so always crush smokes dead out; never leave a campfire unattended; ensure that your vehicle has a properly installed spark arrester that is operational; stop and park only in areas clear of vegetation; and observe all fire restrictions. Take precautions, but always be prepared: carry a shovel, bucket and fire extinguisher. Also remember that cross country travel is not allowed on Bureau of Land Management administered lands. 
For more information about fire prevention, please contact the Joint Information Center at 605-393-8055, Bureau of Land Management at 605-720-0745, or your local fire department or sheriff’s office.   

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