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Date:  August 10, 2007
Contact:  Craig Flentie 406-538-1943

BLM Lands Along Rocky Mountain Front Closed Due to Fire
Due to extreme fire potential and public safety concerns, the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Lewistown Field Office is temporarily closing the public land it manages along the east side of the Rocky Mountain Front in Teton County.
The closure prohibits going into or being upon any of these BLM lands and will become effective at 12:01 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time, on August 11, 2007. The closure will remain in effect until rescinded.
These lands are commonly known as the Blind Horse Outstanding Natural Area (ONA), Indian Head Rock, the Ear Mountain ONA (and the 13-acre BLM managed trailhead adjacent to this ONA), the North Fork of the Sun River Wilderness Study Area, the Chute Mountain ONA, the Deep Creek-Battle Creek ONA, and those BLM lands in T.22N. R.8W. Sec. 31, South ½ .
These BLM lands consist of separate parcels totaling just less than 14,000 acres and are located about 19 miles west of Choteau, Montana. They are also adjacent to U.S. Forest Service lands managed by the Lewis and Clark National Forest.   
The Fool Creek and Ahorn Fires have the potential to reach these scattered BLM parcels and the Lewis and Clark National Forest and the State of Montana have closed the adjacent and nearby lands they manage.   
“We hope this temporary closure does not create an undue hardship for anyone. However, the potential for fire and the personal safety risk it could create for hikers and/or campers makes this closure necessary. We’ll rescind this closure as quickly as feasible,” offered June Bailey, the BLM’s Lewistown field manager.    
Information regarding this closure may be obtained by calling June Bailey at the BLM’s Lewistown Field Office at 406-538-1900.

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