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Date:  August 21, 2007
Contact:  Marilyn Krause, 406-533-7617

BLM Resource Advisory Council to Meet in Dillon 
The Butte, Dillon, and Missoula Field Offices of the Bureau of Land Management announce a meeting of the Western Montana Resource Advisory Council (RAC) on September 5, starting at 9 am. The meeting will be held at the Dillon Field Office Conference Room, 1005 Selway Drive, in Dillon. 
Key agenda items include an update on the Butte Resource Management Plan, the Limestone Hills Legislative EIS, an outline of the South Tobacco Roots Project, and a briefing on the process for oil and gas leasing. Time will also be allocated to discuss recreation fees for Forest Service developed sites. For a copy of the agenda, contact Marilyn Krause at the BLM Butte Field Office, (406) 533-7617.
The meeting is open to the public and the public comment period is scheduled for 11:30 am on September 5. Interested parties may make oral statements before the Council or file written statements for the Council to consider. Depending on the number of persons wishing to make comments, a per-person time limit may be established.
The purpose of the Council is to advise the Secretary of Interior, through the BLM, on a variety of issues associated with public land management. The 15-member Council includes individuals who have expertise or education in the planning and management of public lands and resources. 

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