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Date: August 30, 2007
Contact: Mark Jacobsen (406) 233-2831  
BLM Offers Helpful Tips for Hunters and Campers
The BLM Miles City Field Office would like to remind hunters and campers to respect landowners, wildlife and other recreationists by being mindful of travel and camping restrictions on BLM-administered lands.
With few exceptions, cross-country Off-Highway Vehicle use is prohibited in order to minimize user conflicts and protect fragile soils, riparian areas, vegetation and wildlife. In addition, individual BLM or U.S. Forest Service offices may close or open particular routes in their respective districts.
Hunters are highly encouraged to carry a map and check with local BLM or USFS offices to obtain current travel information.
  • Driving off-road on BLM lands is a violation. Existing roads and trails are authorized for travel unless otherwise indicated.
  • Access to public lands must be accomplished by an established county road or highway. Permission must be obtained from the landowner when crossing private land to get to BLM-administered lands.
  • OHV users may drive cross-country to campsites within 300 feet of an existing road or trail after locating their campsite in a non-motorized fashion. 
  • Camping on BLM-administered land is allowed for 14 days. Personal property can only be left unattended for up to 10 days, except in designated recreation areas, in which case 72 hours is the limit.
  • Camping on State School Trust Lands administered by DNRC is also allowed, however camping in other than designated campgrounds on leased or licensed land must be done within 200 feet of a customary access point and is limited to two consecutive days. Overnight use in designated campgrounds is limited to 14 consecutive days. Overnight use on un-leased or unlicensed land is restricted to 14 days in a calendar year.
  • All garbage must be collected and removed, including all hides from game animals. 
  • Stage 1 fire restrictions are in effect at this time for the Miles City Field Office area. Campfires are prohibited, but gas-fueled camp stoves that can be turned on and off are allowed. Be mindful of restriction updates for your area.
  • Removal of historic, archeological or paleontological resources is prohibited on federal lands.
  • Sportsmen are encouraged to be aware that the undercarriage of their vehicle may transport weed seeds. Wash vehicles before and after traveling roads and trails to avoid spreading noxious weeds.
  • The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks has rules and regulations in addition to those of the BLM and hunters are encouraged to be thoroughly familiar with all Montana hunting regulations before taking to the field.
Violations can be reported and access issues can be clarified by calling the BLM Miles City Field Office at: 233-2800. Violations may also be reported by calling 1-800-826-3023. 
Additional information regarding OHV use on public lands can be found on the web at: http://www.blm.gov/mt/st/en/prog/recreation/ohv.html

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