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Bullwhacker Access Restoration


The BLM has been pursuing the restoration of access to the Bullwhacker Coulee area in Blaine County since it was lost as a result of a legal determination several years ago.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had considered a preliminary proposal to exchange private and public lands in Blaine, Fergus, and Musselshell Counties.

After careful consideration of the proposed land exchange option the BLM announced on Aug. 8, 2014 that all proposed land exchange options were carefully considered, however there was no viable option in the best interest of the American people who have entrusted the BLM to manage their public lands for them.

Road building was then considered as the primary option to regain vehicular public access. A series of public scoping meetings was held Dec. 2-4, 2014, in Great Falls, Chinook and Lewistown, Montana., starting the 60-day scoping period in the process of preparing an environmental assessment (EA) under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to guide the decision making in reestablishing road access into the Bullwhacker Coulee area of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. Analyzed in that document will be alternative methods of restoring public access to the Bullwhacker. Some of the comments the BLM received from Americans during the public scoping meetings were for the BLM to: build a by-passing road; build a hiking trail; revisit the land exchange idea to find a viable solution; and take no action to restore access.

The public is asked to provide additional ideas they may have during the scoping process.


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* Correction - None of these BLM in-holdings, including Durfee Hills, have overland public access.  Limited access by fixed wing aircraft is available on established two tracks which are suitable to land on without going cross-country.  All the proposed parcels may be accessible by helicopter.  This area is accessed by a limited number of user's each year.

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