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Grazing Allotment Reports, Watershed Plans &
Environmental Assessments

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DRAFT Environmental Assessment 2015 Missouri Breaks Riparian Group Projects (Cottonwood Plantings and Riparian Fences)

  •  DRAFT Environmental Assessment 2015 Missouri Breaks Riparian Group Projects (Cottonwood Plantings and Riparian Fences)
    • CORRECTION: The draft environmental assessment posted at the above link Thursday, February 12, 2015 incorrectly identified the "Bailey Fence" fencing project and "Bailey/Hazlewood" cottonwood planting site as property owned by Bailey Land and Livestock. These projects would occur, if the landowner is willing, on property owned by Robert and Linda Bailey. The current linked document is the corrected version.
    • CLARIFICATION: The environmental assessment identifies proposed projects in the Upper Missouri National Wild and Scenic River corridor, some of which include private landowners. It is up to the discretion of the private landowner as to whether the projects are implemented. The BLM has no jurisdiction over private land.  The fence proposals were developed with willing landowners and are supported by the Missouri River Conservation Districts Council, the non-government organization (NGO) Friends of the Missouri Breaks Monument, and have been majority funded by Northwestern Energy. The decision space of the BLM is whether or not to contribute as a financial partner to the fence construction as there are BLM lands within the proposed fences that would indirectly benefit. Expenditure of public funds constitutes a federal action, and an environmental analysis is required.

Hill County Electric Cooperative Powerline Repair/Replacement

Antelope Creek Grazing Allotment

Land Acquisition Proposal within Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument

Natural Gas Pipeline within the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument

Fiber Optic Line Installation/Operation in Upper Missouri River Brea

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