Permits, Fees and Applications 

Filming on Public LandsSpecial permits required for commercial photography and filming on public land.

Firewood Permits  — Permits are available for cutting firewood on public lands.  Call the BLM office for area-specific information.

Land Use Authorizations/Leases and Permits — Information regarding permits for the use, occupancy and development of the public lands.  Leases and permits are issued for purposes such as harvesting of native or introduced species, temporary or permanent facilities for commercial purposes (does not include mining claims), ski resorts, construction equipment storage sites, assembly yards, oil rig stacking sites and other purposes. Call your local BLM office for lease and permit information.

Mineral Materials — Call your local BLM office for permit information and maps to obtain the following mineral materials:

  • building stone
  • clay
  • decorative rock
  • sand and gravel
  • volcanic cinders

Mining Claims

Recreation permits and fees — Call your local BLM office for information on: