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Owyhee River Access — East Fork


Duck Valley

Duck Valley Indian Reservation
  • Use of this site requires permission from the Shoshone-Paiute Tribal Office. This office can be reached Monday through Friday at (775) 757-3211.
Garat CrossingSix miles northwest of Duck Valley Indian Reservation near the crossing of the natural gas pipeline.
  • Principle launch site of East Fork
  • Access on rough, dirt roads off highway 225
  • Impassable road when wet
  • Roads only accessible with high clearance 4WD vehicles. The BLM Owyhee Field Office has information on current road conditions.  Call (208) 896-5913.
  • No trailers
Rickert CrossingFifteen miles upstream of East Fork confluence with the South Fork.
  • Visitors must cross private property to access this site, permission of private landowner required.
  • Access on rough, dirt roads off Owyhee Uplands Backcountry Byway.
  • ¼ mile portage between river and end of road.
  • Poor access roads. 
  • High clearance 4WD vehicles required, impassable when wet.
Crutcher CrossingTwo miles upstream of East Fork’s confluence with the South Fork.


  • Access through rough, dirt roads off Highway 225.
  • Poor access roads, impassable when wet.
  • High clearance 4WD required. The BLM Owyhee Field Office has information on current road conditions; (208) 896-5913.
  • No trailers.

Owyhee River Access — South Fork 

YP RanchPrivate property 13 miles south of the Idaho-Nevada border.
  • Private landowner permission required
  • Site accessible by high-clearance, 2WD vehicles, off Highway 225.
Nevada Pipeline CrossingFour miles south of Idaho-Nevada border.


  • Access - Rough, dirt roads off Highway 225.
  • Road impassable when wet.
  • Roads accessible by only high-clearance 4WD vehicles.
  • No trailers.
45 RanchPrivate property with an easement for public access, 12 miles north of the Idaho-Nevada border.
  • Accessible by high-clearance, 2WD vehicles when roads are dry.


Owyhee River Access — North Fork

The North Fork of the Owyhee is a fast-moving, narrow, brushy creek dominated by class III and IV rapids that joins the Owyhee River at Three Forks, Oregon. It is only recommended for experienced boaters in kayaks and small catarafts. North Fork Recreation Site is the launch site for this section, early in the float season.