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South Fork Snake River

Wildlife of the South Fork

Few places can match the sights along the South Fork: the majestic, high-cresting arc of the bald eagle in flight, or floating around an island andMoose gasping for breath as a moose, wading in willows, stares back at you. 

No animal in the South Fork corridor commands a greater presence than the bald eagle. Their numbers in southeastern Idaho are vital to the conservation of the species in much of the west. More than half of Idaho's bald eagles and one-third of the bald eagles in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem are produced from the 13 nesting territorities along the South Fork. The bald eagle was recently down-listed from endangered to sensitive species. 

In all, 126 different bird species can be found in the South Fork Drainage. About two-thirds of them are Neotropical Migrants (birds that spend part of the year in Mexico or Central and South America). These birds, including yellow-billed cuckoos (species of concern), calliope hummingbirds, veerys and yellow warblers, nest in the shrubs and trees of the cottonwood forest.

The area also supports a wide variety of other creatures including moose, elk, white-tail deer, mountain goat, black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, red fox and river otter.

Two sub-species of ancient trout have called this area home about 10,000 years, including the Yellowstone and the Snake River Fine Spot. Other fish species here include rainbow trout, brown trout and whitefish.