South Fork Snake River


Throughout the river corridor there are many places to launch both motorized and non-motorized boats. The table below lists the major sites open to the public.

Access SiteRiver MileFacilities
Palisades Dam (USFS)0.0Concrete ramp, restroom, picnic, camp, dump station
Palisades Creek (IDF&G)2.2Concrete ramp, restroom
Spring Creek (USFS)12.2Concrete ramp, restroom
Conant (BLM)14.2Concrete ramp, restroom, picnic, visitor center
Fullmer (USFS)28Concrete ramp, restroom
Wolf Flat* (BLM)35.1No ramp, bank launch
Byington (BLM)39Concrete ramp, restroom, picnic, dump station
Heise Bridge* (BLM)41.8Concrete ramp, bank launch
Twin Bridges (Madison County)46.2Concrete ramp, restroom, picnic, camp
Lorenzo (BLM)53.7Concrete ramp
Menan (IDF&G)62.2Concrete ramp, restroom
Mike Walker (Jefferson County)77.6Concrete ramp, restroom, camp

*Non-Fee Site

A $3.00 Expanded Amentity Fee applies to all ten boat access sites above and the money collected helps improve and maintain facilities along the South Fork of the Snake River. 

Season Passes are available at the Eastern Idaho Visitor Information Center (208-523-1012), Conant and Byington Boat Access Sites (Thursday-Monday), BLM Upper Snake Field Office (1405 Hollipark Drive, 208-524-7500) and Palisades Ranger District (3659 East Ririe Highway, 208-523-1412).