Fire Pan and Portable Toilet Information

Fire Pan Requirements

An approved fire pan is a durable, metal fire pan at least 12-inches x 12-inches wide with a bottom in it. The depth of the lip around the outer edge should be sufficient to contain fire and remains and size varies by river system:

Lower Salmon River: At least 1.5-inch lip
South Fork Snake River: At least 3-inch lip
Bruneau-Jarbidge-Owyhee River System: No specification

Visitors must elevate fire pans off the ground to prevent scorching. If the fire pan does not have legs to elevate, place rocks underneath the corners of the fire pan or use a fire-proof mat. 

All ash and charcoal must be removed and carried out of the river corridor in a waterproof, durable container. Once ash and charcoal are cooled they can be placed in a container such as an ammo box, coffee can, or trash bag.

Only burn "dead and down" wood.

Why Should I Use a Fire Pan?

Campfires built on the ground cause serious damage to the environment that includes:

  • sterilized soils 
  • charred rocks and tree roots 
  • ash and charcoal buildup 
  • semi-melted plastic, glass, and metal 
  • chemical contamination of soils 
  • unburned food that attracts insects, bears and other wildlife
  • tree damage from firewood collection
  • wildfire

River management staff are unable to remove all the ash and charcoal being generated by the public. As a result, large piles of ash and charcoal are being dumped into the vegetation with pieces of glass and trash. By using a fire pan properly and building your campfire off of the ground, most resource damage can be avoided.

Where can I buy a fire pan and portable toilet?

using an elevated firepan

Mini Fire Pan
barrel half to be used on gravel or sandy beaches

Portable Toilet Requirements 

It is mandatory to carry out all solid human waste with an approved portable toilet system.  An approved portable toilet system must be reusable, washable, water tight, Sanitizing Container with Advanced Technology (SCAT) Machine® compatible, or RV dump compatible.  Portable toilets with snap-on lids (such as ammo cans or plastic buckets) are required to have a rubber gasket in the lid. Plastic bag liners are NOT acceptable nor are WAG BAG®, RESTOP 2® or any other type of plastic bag system.

Why Should I Pack Out Human Waste?

All overnight river trips must have a portable solid human waste system. People camping at developed recreation sites where vault or flush toilets are provided are not required to have a portable solid human waste system provided they use the vault or flush toilets on site. In an arid environment, solid human waste decomposes very slowly. Improper disposal impacts pristine beaches, soils, vegetation, and poses a health hazard. Because the river corridor experiences a high concentration of recreational use and the majority of recreation sites are on gravel bars and sandy beaches, it is unacceptable and nearly impossible to bury human waste properly.

Toilet Options 

There are numerous retail portable toilet systems available.  Boaters and campers must ensure that their toilet system is an approved SCAT Machine® compatible system or RV dump station system and has a sealable lid. 

The following are examples of approved toilet systems that can currently be purchased:
• Eco-Safe Camp Toilet
• River Bank II Toilet by Selway Fabrications
• Jon-ny Partner by Partner Steel

Sanitizing Container with Advanced Technology (SCAT) Machine

Sanitizing Container with Advanced Technology (SCAT) Machine

Using a PortableToilet

River Bank Portable Toilet by Selway Fabrications

Joh-ny PartnerEco-Safe Toilet

Jon-ny Partner Toilet


Eco-Safe Portable Toilet

 Examples of Fire Pan / Portable Toilet Distributors 

Please review each river page for further details and/or restrictions on use of specific portable toilets or fire pans.

Eastern Idaho Visitor Information Center: (WAG BAG® and RESTOP®) - 420 Memorial Drive in Idaho Falls, Idaho; 208-523-1012

Idaho Falls BLM (WAG BAG® and RESTOP®)
1405 Hollipark Drive Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Phone: 208-524-7500

Cascade Outfitters (fire pans & toilets)
604 E. 45th St., Boise, Idaho 83714; 1-800-223-7238

Northwest River Supply (fire pans & toilets)
2009 S. Main St., Moscow, ID 83843; 1-877-677-4327

Selway Fabrications (toilets)
2923 S Montevista Dr., Boise, ID 83706
(208) 336-1877

Clavey Paddle Sports (fire pans & toilets)
409 Petaluma Boulevard South / Petaluma, Ca 94952

River Connection (fire pans & toilets)
7121 SE Overland / Milwaukie, OR 97222


Canyon Whitewater (Custom fire pans and portable toilets); 208-522-3932. 

First Street Welding (Custom fire pans); 208-522-2588

Blackadar Boating: 208-756-3958;
1302 N. Hwy 93, Salmon, ID 83467 

Campmor (Pett System; WAG BAG®)

Northwest River Supply (Eco-Safe and Pett Systems WAG BAG® toilets and elevated fire pans)

A Happy Camper (Partner steel fire pans and Jon-ny Partner toilet system)

Phillips Environmental Products, Inc. (WAG BAG® and Pett Toilet systems)