Bird Watching

Idaho Birding Trail

The Idaho Birding Trail (IBT) is a network of sites and side-trips Egretthat provides the best viewing opportunities to see birds in Idaho. With 175 sites and about 2,000 miles of trail, the birding trail represents a collection of bird watching hotspots, diverse habitats, and a glimpse of Idaho's rich natural heritage. Twenty-two sites are designated as Blue Ribbon sites. These are "the best of the best" bird viewing opportunities in Idaho. A state House resolution recognizes the Idaho Birding Trail as the official state birding trail.

The Idaho Birding Trail was produced by the Watchable Wildlife Program part of Idaho Fish and Game's Nongame Program, and it is a member of the Idaho Watchable Wildlife Committee. The committee is a collaborative group of local, state, and federal agency representatives and conservation organizations that promotes appreciation for wildlife and their habitats, wildlife-based tourism, and responsible wildlife observation ethics for the citizens and wildlife of Idaho.Golden-cheeked warbler

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