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Keep Cress Creek Natural

Pack It In ... Pack It Out.

Please stay on maintained trails to help stop erosion.

Clean up after your pets and keep them leashed.

Take picture only, leave only footprints.

Motorized vehicles, firearms, camping, and fires are not permitted.

Stay on the Trail


Watch Out!

Stinging Nettle -
Also called seven-mile itch, has fuzzy hairs that contain an irritating poison. If you brush against this plant, it will give you a stinging sensation for several minutes. Although contact is not pleasant, the stinging doesn’t last long and is not dangerous. For some people the sting of a nettle plant can be eased by rubbing the affected area with a leaf from a burdock plant.

Watch Out for Stinging Nettle, Poison Ivy and Rattlesnakes

Poison Ivy -
This plant can grow as a small bush, or as a vine that climbs. It has three leaves and from late May to mid-summer you may see small yellow flowers; white berries grow in clusters on the plant from August to November. Touching this plant may irritate your skin, an irritation that for most people means an itching rash and watery blisters. The irritating substance is in a heavy oil present on all parts of the plant. Even if just your shoe brushes against poison ivy, you could get a skin rash from touching the oil on your shoe. Scratching the itching rash can spread it to other parts of your body. If you think you may have touched poison ivy, wash your skin with soap and warm water as soon as you can. Washing with just water may only spread the oil. Despite the bad effects of this plant on people, the white berries are eaten by many birds without any problem. These hungry little birds are responsible for spreading poison ivy seeds far and wide!

Prairie Rattlesnake -
You could see a rattlesnake in this area. These creatures are not naturally aggressive, but you should avoid bothering or startling one. Watch your footing, stay on the trail, and you should not have any problem. Recently a child did get a snake bite. If this were to happen to you or a member of your hiking party the Eastern Idaho Emergency Room has advised us:

• Call 911 The Jefferson Central Fire District will respond to emergencies in the Cress Creek/Heise area.

• Keep the victim calm

• Elevate the bitten area on the body

• Get an ambulance as soon as possible

Today rattle snake bites are treated with anti-venom serum not ice, tourniquets, nor sucking venom with your mouth.


Last updated: 03-25-2013