St. Anthony Sand Dunes

Sand Mountain Wilderness Study Area

Egin Lakes access is located midway along a 15-mile stretch of sand dunes. To the east are small rolling hills suitable for beginning ATVers or youngsters. To the west are challenging hills - mountains of sand up to 425 feet high. Surrounding the dunes is another 10,000 acres of juniper and sagebrush. Together the two land types comprise the Sand Mountain Wilderness Study Area (WSA).

Wilderness Study Area (WSAs)- What Are They?

WSAs are tracts of land that meet criteria set forth by Congress for potential inclusion in the Wilderness Preservation System.  These lands are managed to protect natural values until such time as Congress decides to designate them Wilderness or release them for further study. Learn more about WSAs in Idaho.

How does WSA status affect off-highway (OHV) recreation?

While thousands of off-highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts, horseback riders and hikers enjoy the beauty and challenge of the WSA each year, the BLM is required by law to maintain the natural values of the area. This is the focus of management and the basis for the regulations. In addition, the dunes area is home to several sensitive species and large herds of wintering big game animals - such as moose and elk - which need special protection. To avoid damaging vegetation and other natural features (which could lead to closure of the area), please ride only on open sands or designated routes, obey seasonal closures and familiarize yourself with other area regulations.

Is camping allowed?

No camping is allowed inside the WSA except in designated areas adjacent to the Eastern boundary of the WSA along Fremont County Red Road.

Visitor Information

Eastern Idaho Visitor Center: 208-523-1012  /  866-365-6943
Rexburg Chamber of Commerce: 208-356-5700
St. Anthony Chamber of Commerce: 208-624-4870
Fremont County Sheriff: 208-624-4482 

Shannon Bassista, BLM Recreation Planner, 208-524-7500
1405 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401

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St. Anthony Sand Dunes (credit: DuneRatt LLC)