St. Anthony Sand Dunes

Safety Rules and Regulations

BEFORE riding

  • Idaho residents must display a valid OHV sticker on their vehicle.
  • Out-of-state users must have a valid registration sticker for the State in which the operator resides; this is valid in Idaho for thirty (30) days.  If your state does not require registration, then you may purchase either an Idaho or an Idaho “Out of State” registration sticker. Stickers are sold at locations around the state or online.
  • All OHVs are required to have spark arrestors and mufflers that meet the maximum 96-db sound level.
  • Visit Tread Lightly! for more tips on responsible riding.

WHILE riding

  • The speed limit on the Egin Lakes Access road is 15 mph, and 5 mph within the camping, parking, and access areas.
  • Portions of the Sand Mountain Wilderness Study Area (WSA) - which includes most of the open sand - are affected by a seasonal closure for all forms of human entry from January 1– sunrise April 1 and/or January 1- sunrise May 1 of each year.
  • All OHVs shall be equipped with a minimum 8-foot above-level ground whip mast with a 6x12-inch red or orange flag. The flag should be at least 8 feet above level ground.
  • Within the WSA boundaries, possession or use of any glass container or cup is prohibited.

Where can I ride?

  • All OHV use must occur on the open sand areas or on roads and trails displaying a “Designated Route” sign.
  • Avoid all vegetated areas.

What other safety information should I know?

  • All riders under the age of 18 have to wear helmets (Idaho state law). 
  • If you are jumping, use a spotter at the top of the dune.
  • Yield the right of way to uphill riders.
  • Check over dune crest before descending.
  • Watch for children, hikers, horseback riders and sunbathers.
  • Use caution around the lake area where many children ride. They are beginners and are often not aware of their surroundings.
  • Proceed with caution until you know the sands and how to read them.
  • Area on the south side of Egin Lake is closed to motorized traffic.

What equipment is recommended?

Helmets, gloves, face protection, boots, chest protection, heavy jersey and pants, goggles

Dunes buggies at St. Anthony Sand Dunes




St. Anthony Sand Dunes (credit: DuneRatt LLC)