Lava Walks in Hell's Half Acre- Twenty Mile Trail

Hiking in lava fields is unique because of the rough terrain, unusual scenery, and the contorted landscape.  Since this is a Wilderness Study Area (WSA), permanent trails have not been developed.  The unimproved hiking routes are marked with poles.

Blue top poles mark a route around a short loop which is a good introduction to lava hiking.  The 0.9-mile loop takes about 30 minutes to walk.  On this loop note the pressure ridges, deep cracks with ferns at the bottom, and moss on rocks.

Red top poles mark a 4.5-mile route to the main vent or source of Hell's Half Acre lava flow.  This is a strenous hike and a round-trip to the vent can take a full day.  Water is essential and boots with good soles are advisable.  Estimated time to hike to the vent is 2-3.5 hours (one way).

Twentymile Lava Trail