Owyhee Field Office

Hemingway Butte, Rabbit Creek & Fossil Creek OHV Trails

The Owyhee Field Office offers a wide range of OHV recreation, including single track for OHV motorcycles and wider trails and two-tracks for ATVs and other motorized vehicles. The most popular area for single track is along the Owyhee Front. 

The BLM has established three OHV trailheads along the Owyhee Front that provide loading ramps, staging areas and restrooms. An extensive trail network radiates from each trailhead. Because the vast number of routes in this area can be confusing to a visitor, the BLM has prepared a map of the major routes to aid riders. The BLM is in the process of establishing a comprehensive designated trail system in this area, so use existing routes until the trail system is finalized. Do not travel cross-country. Cross-country travel is only allowed in the small immediate vicinity of the Hemingway Butte OHV Trailhead.

These trails are used primarily by OHV recreationists. Other recreational users are welcome, but be aware that the emphasis of these sites is motorized recreation. The trailheads offer restrooms and loading ramps, and they provide access to hundreds of miles of roads, moderate to difficult trails and sand washes on steep, rocky terrain.

The Murphy Travel Management Plan has established areas where OHV is limited to designated routes. 

Take I-84 to Nampa and exit to Highway 55.  Turn onto Highway 78 in Marsing and watch for signs that will direct you to specific trailheads.

Trailhead location
Between the Melba Junction and Oreana on Highway 78, about 45 miles southwest of Boise


  • OHV Trails
  • Use season: spring–fall
  • Vault toilets
  • Loading ramp
  • Parking area

An OHV rider prepares to hit one of the motorized trails on BLM lands along the Owyhee Front.

Trail Maps

Owyhee Front Trails Map - North | Owyhee Front Trails Map - South 
For a downloadable shape file of these maps, please contact Ryan Homan at the BLM.

Seasonal closures that are indentified from January 1 thru July 31st are subject to change if certain conditions are met. Please continue checking the website to see if closures have been lifted for certain trails.  

Motorized Vehicle Restriction Maps

Hunt Unit 40 | Hunt Unit 41 | Hunt Unit 42