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Dedication Point
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Snake River Birds of Prey NCA

Dedication Point       

From this spectacular overlook on the rim of the Snake River Canyon, catch a glimpse of birds of prey diving and soaring. A one-quarter mile trail makes for an easy walk to this spectacular view. Interpretive signs describe the NCA's plants, wildlife, and geology and help with bird identification. During the spring, this is a good place to spot birds of prey in flight. The surrounding winterfat and scattered patches of sagebrush provide habitat for Paiute ground squirrels. For raptors with hungry nestlings in the canyon cliffs, a food supply this close to the canyon rim makes for a quick turnaround. 

Wildlife Viewing

Look for side-blotched, western fence and sagebrush lizards, gopher snakes, scorpions, ground squirrels, cottontail and black-tailed jackrabbits in the sagebrush, winterfat and cheatgrass habitat surrounding Dedication Point.  From the canyon rim overlook 400 feet above the Snake River, watch for seasonal raptors, including golden eagle, red-tailed and Swainson's hawks, American kestrel, prairie falcon, osprey, and turkey vulture.  Non-raptors include canyon and rock wrens, Say's phoebe, cliff and violet-green swallows, white-throated swifts, common ravens and rock doves. Look for sage and Brewer's sparrows and western meadowlarks in the shrubs along the trail. 


15 miles south of Kuna, Idaho, on Swan Falls Road 


  • Trail with interpretive kiosks
  • No discharge of firearms allowed


view of Snake River Canyon from Dedication Point