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Bruneau Canyon Overlook

The Overlook is the only readily accessible spot from which to view the spectacular canyon carved through basalt and rhyolite by the Bruneau River. The opposite rim is 1,300 feet away,
and the distance from rim to riverbed is 800 feet.

From this spot near the northern terminus of the 60-mile canyon, view the wild and scenic Bruneau River tumbling out of the Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers Wilderness.

Take Hwy-51 south to the town of 
Bruneau, turning left/east on Hot Springs Road 
(unmarked) at the One Stop Café.  
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    00.0 mi:  Hot Springs Road at Hwy-51

    15.6 mi:  Turn right/southwest at 
                     “Canyon Overlook” sign

    18.7 mi:  Overlook parking lot


  • Undeveloped campsites
  • Scenic viewpoint
  • No water, trash bins or toilets

 Bruneau Canyon Overlook