Mineral Ridge Scenic Area and Recreation Trail

Station 4: Litter Hurts 

Below the trail, in the draw, you can see a rusted metal cylinder. Mineral prospectors probably used it, but its exact purpose is not known. Farther along the trail, you can see some actual mineral prospecting sites. The metal cylinder has been rusting for many years. It will probably take 150 to 200 years for complete decomposition. In this area, a piece of paper can take up to 3 years to break down into soil elements used by plants. A small, thin piece of plastic can take up to 10 years to decompose. An aluminum can will remain virtually forever since there is little in the soil to break it down. Because the decomposition process works slowly, you can see why we ask all trail users to pack out their own litter and trash. Bureau of Land Management maintenance crews periodically pick up litter along the trail, but we need your help. Please pack out your own trash, and the litter of others.