Burley Field Office

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This area’s basalt cliffs and grasslands offer outstanding hunting for upland game birds and antelope, while a local reservoir provides plenty of fishing opportunities for visiting anglers.

Water activities in this region are popular during warm and cold weather. During warm months, anglers flock to Lud Drexler Park in search of abundant brown trout, kokanee salmon, yellow perch, black crappie, chinook salmon, channel catfish, small mouth bass and walleye. In January and Feburary, visitors often arrive to ice fish at the Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir.

The Cotterel Mountains provide wonderful, peaceful hiking opportunities with scenic vistas. Hikers can also combine their love of the outdoors with a cultural learning experience at Milner Historic Recreation Area. Deep ruts are still visible here, remnants of the Oregon Trail emigrants who passed through this area over 100 years ago. Just north of the west entrance to Milner, an interpretive shelter and hiking trail leads to the ruts.

For those interested in wildlife viewing, take a trip to the Rock Creek Canyon - Shoshone Basin area. The paved roads travel through a steep, rock-walled canyon along Rock Creek, where you might see mallards, teal or mule deer on their winter range (December through February). In May through October, look for birds that call this area home including yellow warbler, American goldfinch, brown-headed cowbird, belted kingfisher and northern flicker.

Nearby Electric Spring is a 25-acre marsh, fenced to protect nesting waterfowl and wading birds. Look for the interpretive signs and keep an eye out for geese and ducks on the nesting islands. Visitors heading west from the marsh into the sagebrush flatlands of the Basin may catch a glimpse of pronghorn and sage-grouse. The area also has numerous
campgrounds and hiking trails.

For the skiing enthusiast, the Magic Mountain area has several cross-country ski trails available. Occasionally a porcupine, longtailed weasel, or Steller’s or gray jay may be seen on explorations in the backcountry.

Horseback Riding in the Burley Field Office area