Wildlife Habitat Management


BLM-managed lands are vital to thousands of mammal, reptile, avian and amphibian species, some endangered, threatened or otherwise at-risk. 

Managing more wildlife habitat nationally than any other Federal agency, the BLM's wildlife program maintains and manages wildlife habitat to help ensure self-sustaining populations and a natural abundance and diversity of wildlife on public lands. Habitats are dispersed over some of Idaho's most ecologically diverse and essential lands.  The BLM supports habitat conservation and restoration activities that protect wildlife resources over the long term. 

Many of these projects are developed and funded through partnerships with Federal, state and non-governmental organizations. 

Sensitive Species Management :: Sage-grouse | Bighorn sheep   

                                                                         deer mouse bull trout sage-grouse closeup, head and shoulders


horned lizard

longbilled curlew (CREDIT Tom Munson)