Forest Products in Idaho

Forest Products: Eastern Idaho

The East Zone of the Idaho Falls District Forestry Program is based out of the Pocatello Field Office and administers forest resources for the Pocatello and the Upper Snake Field Offices. Approximately 166,080 forested acres are located within this area.

Forest management practices such as selective thinning and prescribed fire, are being implemented to help restore overstocked stands to more natural historic levels. Objectives are to improve forest health, decrease hazardous fuel loading, improve wildlife habitat, and stimulate aspen growth. 


As a service, the BLM provides the sale of certain forest products to the public. A valid permit must be in your possession at all times when cutting and removing forest products. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a permit. 

Violations pertaining to the Terms and Conditions of any Forest Product Permit, Resource Damage, or Damage to Government Property shall be punishable by law. 

Permits are available for firewood, posts, poles, Christmas Trees, transplants, and other items by request. Areas for removal of forest products will be designated on the permit. 


All permits (excluding Christmas trees) will cost a $15 minimum charge to cover processing

  • Firewood- Juniper firewood permits are $15.00 and allow the holder to cut up to 10 cords. This permit is good for Juniper ONLY. If you choose to purchase this permit you can't purchase a permit for another type of wood. All other firewood is $10.00 per cord; Minimum 2 cords and maximum 6 cords
  • Posts & Poles- The minimum cost of a permit is $ 15.00 which allows the permit holder to cut a maximum of 50 poles.    
  • Christmas Trees- $10.00, limit one tree per household


Pocatello Field Office
4350 S. Cliffs Drive / Pocatello, ID
Monday through Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Kwik Stop (Christmas Trees Only)
226 E. 50 South
Malad City, Idaho
Monday through Sunday, 5 am to 10 pm. 
*All permits sold at this location will be charged a $1.00 processing fee.

Evans Tru Value (Firewood Only)
125 North Main Street
Malad, Idaho 83252

Idaho Falls Visitor Center (Temporarily Unavailable)
425 North Capital Avenue
Idaho Falls, Idaho

For more information, please contact the BLM's Pocatello Field Office at 208-478-6340. 


Firewood permits are generally available June 1 to November 30 (weather permitting - call to verify). NO firewood may be cut /removed after November 30th. Please be aware that some areas have gates that close on November 15th. 

Scenic Forest



Hauling trees






Logs in winter


Firewood cutting will be open to legally accessible BLM lands.  You must obtain permission from private land owners to cross private land.  Other closed areas are listed below.

Closed Areas in the Pocatello Field Office Boundary Include (but are not limited to):

  • All developed recreation sites
  • Petticoat Peak and Worm Creek Wilderness Study Areas
  • Wolverine Canyon
  • Closed Areas in Pleasantview Range Associated with timber sale (see map): Parts of North Canyon and all of Point Canyon
  • Samaria Mountain (Closed to firewood as the area is recovering from 2013 State Fire)

Closed Areas in Upper Snake Field Office Boundary Include (but are not limited to):

  • All developed recreation sites
  • Sand Mountain WSA
  • Black Canyon WSA
  • Appendictiz Hill WSA
  • Snake River Islands WSA
  • Henrys Lake WSA
  • White Knob Mountain
  • Hawley Mountain
  • China Cup
  • Cedar Butte
  • Hell's Half Acre
  • Burn't Creek

All Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) are closed to tree cutting. Check out the maps of the nearby WSAs to learn more.



Maps provided are to commonly used areas only.  You may purchase maps for your specific area from the BLM office or the Idaho Falls Visitor Center.



Fire Wood

Christmas Trees