Idaho's Wild Horses

Sands Basin HMA

The Owyhee Field Office encompasses three Herd Management Areas (HMAs). The Sands Basin HMA is located about 13 miles southwest of Homedale, Idaho, within the BLM Owyhee Field Office. 

HMA characteristics include rolling sagebrush steppe and steep, rough terrain.  The Sands Basin horses share the area with native wildlife, such as deer, antelope and upland game birds. 

HMAs in the Owyhee Field Office have received a significant increase in public use since the 1970s and recreational use along the Owyhee Front continues to increase. This increased recreational use creates greater interaction between the wild horses and the public and can result in direct harassment, indirect disturbances and stress on the horses. If you visit an area where wild horses are present, give them their space and enjoy these beautiful animals from a safe distance.

Following the Soda Fire gather, only 6 horses are currently in the Sands Basin and Hardtrigger HMAs. Horses will return to the low end of AML once the range recovers and rehabilitation objectives have been met.


A young horse from the Sands Basin HMA