Idaho's Wild Horses

Hardtrigger HMA

The Hardtrigger HMA includes 66,063 total acres of public and other land within the BLM Owyhee field office. The HMA is located within Owyhee County, south of the Snake River between Murphy and US Highway 95 to the west.  HMA characteristics include rolling hills and sagebrush steppe. The horses share the HMA with other wildlife, including deer, antelope and upland game birds. 

A wild horse stud in the Hardtrigger HMA Romeo, a stud from the Hardtrigger herd
A stud from the Hardrigger herd.  

Of all the HMAs the BLM adminsters, those in the Owyhee Field Office produce some of the finest wild horses. They are known to be of excellent size with good conformation and color.  This is the result of the influence of released Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse studs to the herds periodically up to 1978.  It is also suspected that horses bred for Cavalry Re-Mounts may have also influenced these herds.  In addition to the typical colors of bay, brown, and black, the wild horses include many chestnuts, pintos, paints, roans, grays, duns, grullos, and a few Appaloosas.
Appropriate Mangement Levels (AMLs) for wild horses within the Hardtrigger HMA are 66-130, (Owyhee RMP, December 1999).

Following the Soda Fire gather, only 6 horses are currently in the Sands Basin and Hardtrigger HMAs. Horses will return to the low end of AML once the range recovers and rehabilitation objectives have been met.                 

Horses in the Hardtrigger HMA Horses in the Hardtrigger HMA
Hardtrigger Horses